Saturday, 27 March 2010


Last week attended a course, 'Neuroscience and Attachment' led by Dr Glyn Hudson-Allez and organised by The British Association of Sexual & Relationship Therapy. It was held in a pub on Blackfriars Bridge-a contemporary venue for looking at the impact of childhood trauma on adult relationships and a great view of the Thames. Though the tutor did find the repetitive nature of the busking somewhat trying.
In the evening my oldest school friend and I hobbled through Piccadily. She has a foot problem, so she lent on her stick and I lent on her, like old pals with attachment issues might.
At the Haymarket Theatre, Ian McKellan and Roger Rees, played a couple of ex-Vaudeville performers, Gogo and Didi, now tramps, discussing the meaning of life and how to pass time to relieve its boredom until Godot appears. What shone through all this angst was the meaning of their relationship-to them. As I sat by my friend dropping off into narcoleptic fits and waking at exactly the right moment to laugh at Didi and Gogo, 51 years of friendship felt like life imitating art imitating life .

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