Saturday, 13 March 2010


I was speaking to Sue about my drive to get my house in order before my hip op. She said, 'What about flying to and from Mexico? You could get hijacked or have a plane crash. Then where would you be?'
True. Well, I wouldn't have made a therapeutic will. So perhaps I'd better get cracking. A therapeutic will is what counsellors are advised to do when they go on holiday. Make sure if you die suddenly, you have nominated another counsellor to take over your clients and dispose of ex-clients' notes. In this age of litigation who would want to be complained against, taken to the cleaners and not be alive to deal with the consequences. I think I might. I hope my other will, the one that tells my family what to do with my affects and who gets what will be considered therapeutic. You hear so many stories of  wonderful caring professionals who are utterly disfunctional with their own families, don't you...?

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