Thursday, 11 March 2010

11 March 2010. HIP OP

Woke up this morning having a bad dream. I thought a chip monk/beaver was gnawing my hip bone and joint like they were the left overs from the roast leg of lamb dinner we enjoyed when we could afford Welsh lamb. Yes, sometime ago.  The chip monk was clearly enjoying my flavour, sucking the joint, licking the bone, chewing the excess flesh off .  It wasn't entirely clear whether I had already had the new hip inserted. The consultant told me it will be a ceramic hip ball and joint because they work better in women than the titanium they favour for men. I'm imagining a a fragile porcelain cup and saucer set. Difficult to imagine a chipmonk deriving the same pleasure.
Mexico? Yes, we're still going. I decided to do a search for Larry on the internet to see if I could find out anythng more about him. I found a photo of him taken outside a hotel in Kyoto. He's dark, round and smiley, not the drawn -looking drug pusher I thought (hoped?) he might be. There was a tribute to him in 'The Red Wrap Society' and another fly- past tribute which make me wonder if he's a Vietnam Vet. I  also see a reference to a baptism in 2008, but I haven't been able to open that page yet. So far then, a possible war veteran  traveller who loves the orient and may be an Evo. Maybe the 'house plants' will only be house plants after all.

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