Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Reassuring, isn't it? That was the verdict of the Nurse Practitioner reading my ECG. When I asked her about the 'essentially' bit she capitulated with,'Normal, then'. Very reassuring.
The GP suggested we go the whole hog and test my cholestrol. I woke up too late this morning to make the 8.10am appointment feeling grotty after too much Glenmorangie and got a rollicking off the fascist receptionist when I phoned and tried to rearrange. She accused me of going away before the next available appointment and asked me what I intended to do about it.
 I'll cancel Mexico. I don't think so.
'Yes, you should do that,' she said silently, overhearing me think. When I tried to say it didn't matter and grovelled and drooled at the mouthpiece, she responded by finding a 10.20 appointment next Wednesday. What happens if it's too high to travel? Bet she'll ring up Middle East Travel, Ruislip, who have arranged our trip and tell them how irresponsible I am, how wasters like me are not worthy to be patients of the NHS.
She'd be right.

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