Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Well, another year almost over.
        Last night I saw a DVD of  'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'.  If you don't know the film, Benjamin, played by Brad Pitt, was born old and wrinkled and as the years go by he grows younger until he dies a newborn baby.  He falls in love with Daisy, played by Kate Blanchett and they work out that when she's about 40, he is too. But after that she gets gradually older while he gets younger. When she's 75 he's about 10 and suffering from dementia. She looks after him until as a baby he dies in her batwing arms.  Daisy tells Benjamin a thousand times,'God, you look good' and boy, doesn't he!
       As my years flash by, whizzing through space ever faster, I was thinking how wonderful it would be to be growing younger, more intelligent, having a sharper short term memory than a better long term one, be sexier, more beautiful, more naeve, less cynical, have just had my children, be fresh to marriage and relationships, just starting a career. Whoa! Then they'd be teenage hormones, moods, anxiety, depression, self hatred, lack of self confidence,  constant embarassment and humiliation, disastrous relationships. No! No! Fairy Godmother if you're listening, I didn't really wish for that.
       What I really wish for is that my world slows down so that I can savour and enjoy everything that's good, learn from the bad stuff and let it go. I may not be growing any younger but I do hope that I can  go on growing- and not just widthwise!
        What I have really appreciated this year more than ever is the constant love and support from my family and friends.  Thank you! Particular thank you to Rhys, Angharad, Steffan, Jo, Sue, Den, Di,Wendy, Lynette, Janice and Emily.
         A Massive Happy & Healthy New Year to everyone who's read my blog this year.
         THANK YOU!

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