Wednesday, 5 January 2011


It doesn't take long to get back into real life after a season of non-real life, does it?  This year time and I seemed to rest together in a deep catatonic state. We poodled around in a happy haze of not needing to consider each other or worry where the next meal was coming from. The Christmas meal just went on and on. And on this gloomy early January afternoon I don't want the season to stop. It's such a long time to Imbolc and the return of the light. The meteor showers predicted tonight will be hardly visible from here because of the cloud. So, I'm not taking down our tree just yet. The fairy lights and silver balls hung from the red branches of an old dogwood shrub will stay around to cheer us up.
         Yesterday was a very hopeful re- entry.  I attended a meeting to discuss Pontadawe Script Cafe's programme for the year. The format of meetings will be slightly different with a greater emphasis on writing and practical exercises. We want to help our members not only develop their theatre writing skills but also their skill in critique so that we can offer each other more helpful feedback.
         Following that meeting was a meeting at the Pontadawe Arts Centre with the director and members of 'Theatre versus Oppression'.( to explore the potential for a project with Script Cafe.  Augustus Boal, a Brazilian developed the ideas behind TvO, giving a voice to the disenfranchised or oppressed people in society through the medium of interactive theatre. The audience is given the power to direct the action and outcome of the play. The ideas for a project will be discussed at the next Script Cafe meeting on January 18th.
         I have been accepted to attend a Soho Theatre/Sherman Theatre workshop on February 4th. I'm hoping to learn more about the Soho Theatre's criteria for considering new plays for production.
        Thanks to everyone who's given me feedback on 'Fathers & Sons' and 'The Reunion.' I'll be doing some rewrites so that I can improve the plays prior to sending them off to the Sherman before going away to france in mid January.
         Tonight, when I return to counselling clients, re-entry into real life will be complete.

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