Monday, 20 December 2010


Last week I was delighted to be invited by Adam Timms, a co-participant on the Sherman's new writing course and co-founder of Fabler Theatre, to an evening showcase of his work, entitled,' A Mindless Distraction.'  Fabler is' a multi-faceted theatre company focussed on strong storytelling, public engagement with the arts, and the provision of experiential training.' Adam and his co-founder Hannah O'Leary set up Cardiff Shakespeare Readers and Healthcare Interact in 2007.  They have incorporated a performance element to their work and under the banner of Fabler offer opportunities for actors and the community to become involved. Four short plays were performed by professional actors. Each play was sharp, witty, challenging. Adam is a talent to watch. 
      Several people we knew long ago, when I worked for Spectacle Theatre and Arts for Disabled People in Wales (now Disability Wales), were involved in the productions as actors and directors. It was lovely to catch up with ex Hijinx and ex Theatre Powys folk and to see how their careers have developed.  And very sad to hear of the recent death of Dave Hardy, a talented graphic artist and well respected in his field. Most of us had some kind of health issue. Some more worrying than others. 
It was like time had stood still. Difficult to believe over twenty years have passed since I worked for Spectacle. Sadly, their funding is being withdrawn. As is funding for Theatre Powys and Theatre Gwent. 
      Most of my counselling clients have cancelled due to the bad weather but it has meant opportunities to stay put and get on with writing. I'm pleased to say I've finished the first draft of 'Fathers & Sons'-a play about a co-dependent relationship, blown apart by the arrival of an unexpected foreign guest. It also explores sexual tension between men at a time when homosexuality was illegal. I have also rewritten parts of 'The Reunion' with a different ending. It explores how three women, political activists in the 1960s, meet after 40 years to discover how their lives have changed and question the nature of friendship. 
       I'm on a bit of a roll, so if you don't hear from me, it's nothing personal, just the muse seems to be with me. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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