Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Thank you to all my friends who've kept in close contact and given me enormous support since my operation. I have really appreciated your friendship. To those who haven't been in touch, well, you know who you are! It's true, you know who your real friends are when you're in need. It certainly separates the doves from the frogs.
Anyway, I'm making good progress now, walking shortish distances with the aid of a crutch. I'll be going back to see the consultant in three weeks time and hope that the operation has been a success.
This week I went back to work. I wasn't expecting to be looking forward to it but it's bucked me up and has taken my mind off myself.
Last night was my first evening outing to Script Cafe in Pontardawe. Alan Harris was the invited writer/speaker. He has written a number of plays, including plays for the National Theatre of Wales, Hijinx, Sherman Theatre, BBC Radio, and is currently involved in writing a libretto for Wales National Opera.
My short play,'The Dove & The Frog' about the relationship between Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera was given a reading by Llinos Daniel, Mark Cainan and Emily Hinchelwood. The feedback from Alan and members of Script Cafe was constructive and helpful. This was written for the NT's 'The Habit of Art' competition and inspired by our recent visit to Mexico. It seems that there have been lots of plays about the famous couple, as well as a film, and it was good to hear that many of the women in Script Cafe are great fans of Frida's art. I'm wondering if there's a Frida Kahlo Appreciation Society in this country?

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