Friday, 10 September 2010


After getting back to the ward I was left alone for a day before the physios came marching in with their sweet smiles and hard discipline. As soon as they got me out of my chair I came out in a sweat and vomited ferociously.
'We've told them it's too early, but they do insist,' said the staff nurse. 'Would you like something for the sickness? she asked and stuck a syringe into the IV connector in my hand. I immediately perked up.
Later that day I was sick again.
'Would you like something for that?' another staff nurse asked and brought me a tablet.
'Can't I have the IV one? It worked a treat last time.'
'OK, but don't tell anyone.'
I'm supposed to give you the tablet first and if you're sick again I'm meant to look to see if there are any bits of tablet in the bowl. If there aren't then you get the tablet again if you need it. If there are, then you get the drug through your IV.'
'But that could mean more distress for the patient.'
She smiled sadly,
'Yes, but the IV drug is more expensive.'

I suppose that every person who comes out of theatre is likely to be sick at some point. Vomiting and retching's horrible and leaves you feeling weak and low.  I'd like to know what the difference in cost is between the two drugs? The benefits of the more expensive drug is self evident. Surely, at the point people come out of theatre, weak and vulnerable, it is not the time to start making cuts?

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