Friday, 21 October 2011



Sorry, I don't eat fish
I wish I could say
when asked
to a dinner party a few days away.
My conscience tells me I should be good
and eat only plants ,
but I can't.

It's the fish that are nearly extinct
that I particularly like
although feel terrible shame
when eating cod, haddock or hake
or any white fish that tastes really divine
when deep-fried with chips and a glass of white wine.

Then there are the oily fish
mackerel, salmon and herring
that once filled the oceans near to our shores
but not anymore,
because people with taste buds like me
just couldn't believe
we are over-fishing our seas.

I am told there are fish to be eaten
without beating you up
you don't have to deny a fine source of grub.
People talk of a sustainable way
but is it at a price I'm willing to pay?
If I don't
it will soon be the end of my favourites
all fished away.

So perhaps I should look
for snapper, crimson and red,
trout, brown, sea and rainbow
organically bred
black and sea bream from the North Wales quarter
cook flounder and more from Cornwall's water.

I do have a choice
I can choose to say
Yes, I eat fish the sustainable way.

                                                                                                                   Janet Daniel

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