Friday, 9 July 2010


Well, it happened, quickly, too quickly.
But I wasn't thinking that as I stood in line waiting to go on stage. Our play, a one night only production called, 'Nine Meals from Anarchy,'  explores what might happen in a local community when the oil runs out and food shortages start to happen.
My heart was pumping and thumping like Sigourney Weaver just before the Alien jumped out of her chest. This was the first time I'd acted since school days. That was when my phobia for forgetting lines started. It happened in 'The Importance of Being Ernest' and again in 'The Christmas Carol'. Mortification and embarressment for myself and regret at letting people down. I just hoped that this time I wouldn't be the one who messed up or forgot her cue.  Us 14 actors managed to get through the play, somehow, with a couple of scenes going awry and our supporters said the audience would never have known. They may have been kind but there were some really good performances, particularly those from my old school play mate, Jo, and Amanda, a new member of Peacock Vein's Script Cafe. How Derek, Emily and Sarah managed to pull together the script from our weekend of devising and manage the production in three and a half days is truly amazing.
Derek was also directing Sylvie Butterbach's play, 'White Goods', which explores the experiences of an African asylum seeker and his relationship with a charity worker (played by Emily). It is beautifully written, exploring how language and cultural differences can lead to tragedy. It was also very well received by the audience at Pontadawe Arts Centre.
So, what's next?   I'm off to our allotment, so when the oil runs out  . . .

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