Thursday, 24 June 2010


 It is said that time goes faster the older you get. That's not my experience this year. This summer seems to be going on forever. Like one of those that gets talked about from an idyllic childhood. False memory syndrome wasn't named that then but I often wonder if summers in the 50's really were that long and hot.  The summer for me started in April in Mexico and there's still a couple of months left. The past two months without much work have been spent idling in Pembrokeshire. Wonderful especially in the sunshine but good weather is bad for my writing.  I tend to avoid it.  So I'm willing a shower or two to water my creativity.
Rain or shine I've signed up for a weekend with Pontadawe Script Cafe, led by Derek Cobley and Emily Hinchelwood, devising a play about climate change with the working title, 'Nine meals from Anarchy' to be performed at the Arts Centre on 8 July along with a play called 'White Goods' written by Sylvie Butterbach, a member of the group. For further info contact Emily on 07522 076084 or contact Pontadawe Arts Centre 01792 863722.

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