Tuesday, 1 November 2011


There's Oil in Pontardawe!
As the price of oil rises, and as the temperature drops and we gear up for what is predicted to be another harsh winter, residents have struck oil in the Centre of Pontardawe - the Arts Centre. And they are singing about it, telling stories and generally creating a drama!
Just weeks after the ban on free plastic bags, Pontardawe Arts Centre is hosting a lively evening to launch the popular exhibition 'Conscious Oil' by Emily Johns. With stories from local miners, singing from the Murton choir, drama from Mess up the Mess and Pontardawe's own script cafe, this evening is set to get you thinking about where your next bag for life is coming from.
'We're oil in this together,' says Brian Cainen, a Swansea scriptwriter whose sketch sees two polar bears fighting over the last piece of ice in the arctic. 'Drama explores big issues,' he says, 'by bringing them down to a human story - or in my case a polar bear story.'
Energy charity Awel Aman Tawe, and Peacock Vein Scriptshop have joined forces to organise the event with funding from Countryside Council for Wales, Environment Wales and Literature Wales. As Jan Daniel (Chair of Script Cafe) says,
 'We are oil addicts. But we all have to adapt to survive'.
Conscious Oil - an evening of music, theatre, art and stories.
Pontardawe Arts Centre - Tuesday 15th November 7.00 - 9.30

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