Sunday, 12 June 2011


Earlier this month I attended another workshop at Llwynbwch, entitled,'Environmental Constellations' run by Zita Cox.  It is an idea based on the work of Bert Hellinger.


 'We are all interconnected parts of family, organisation, community and eco-system. The difficulties we struggle with are often best resolved when we work systemically.They allow us to observe our place in nature and our systemic relationship to other living beings. They assist us with new ways of thinking and finding resolutions to the problems we have created, such as climate change, pollution, alienation and accelerating species extinction etc; They can be an aid to empathy and shared understanding in all situations. A constellation draws on emotional intelligence and intuition as well as logical thought. It can provide a way of seeing below the surface to understand what the real issues are and what can be done to improve things.'*
 This workshop was aimed at therapists who want to find a different way to explore some of the issues raised in their work with clients and to develop their own self awareness. We were asked to identify a deeply felt, ‘burning’ issue. 
    In my case, I decided to constellate my next life step. Zita asked me to invite people from the group to stand in a special configuration – called a constellation. This provides a ‘living map’ of the issues you are dealing with. With guidance from Zita, the representatives in my constellation were asked to feed back their experience – focusing on their physical and emotional responses. Zita tested possibilities by inviting representatives to move positions and make simple statements. Pathways to action were revealed and explored. When an optimum configuration was arrived at, I was invited to step back into the constellation to experience the resolution.
    The experience was very interesting. As only one person knew me I think it would have been difficult for all representatives to have been in collusion with one another projecting their ideas of me onto the constellation. However, I can see that a cynic could think this.  What seemed to come out of this exercise for me was a shift in what could be my next life step. Whatever it is, it seems it should involve crossing water and preferably the sea. The last time I had really itchy feet was around seven years ago. I ended up living and working in the Shetland isles for a year and wrote a book, 'Soothmoother's Saga,' about the experience.   Where and what it might be this time has yet to be revealed to me, but you'll be one of the first to know when it is. 

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