Wednesday, 26 May 2010


4.30am. I love that song by Nina Simone. Really captures the hopeful feeling of the candy-rock sky behind my screen and the baby black bird hopping after its parents across the patio. Joanna Macy's book, 'World as Lover, World as Self' didn't make me nod off, so after laying in bed for a couple of hours in the dark thinking about my future I got bored, and thought I'd bring you up to date with  what's been happening.  
We got back from Pembrokeshire last night. The hedgerows are teeming with white and pink hawthorn trees, sunny gorse, red campions, bluebells, garlic and those tall white umbellifers, that could be wild parsley or carrot. I'm not sure.
 On Monday we went to Broadhaven South Beach. Together with Barafundle Bay, a little way further along the coast, these have to be the best beaches in the world. Horseshoe bays backed by dunes, clean sand and turquoise water.  Despite the water being too cold for me even wearing a wet suit, brave souls were swimming in bikinis-not for very long mind you- the average time running into the water, thrashing around in a small circle and skipping out, was around 20 seconds.
I finally managed to complete my fifth full moon poem for April based on the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan outside Mexico City. Just in time as it's May full moon today. This is a project I have for 2010-to write a poem at each full moon. It's hard not to repeat oneself!  I thought that May's poem would be under the cut of the surgeon's moon-shaped light.  No such luck. Instead, I've written him a poem.

Please Mr Jones
Operate my hip
cos my hip aint hopping.
Like Chester after the Sherriff
I'm a limping and a-lopping.
I can stomp like Ian Dury
but aint got no rhythm stick
I aint got no rhythm.
Mr Jones
September is far too long to wait
It's a bore
Operate my hip
Make me tall and straight
Not crook'd no more.
Replace the chewed up bone
with your new ball and socket
Lock it Mr Jones
so I can jump, skip and run
walk miles, have fun.
Be Cool Mr Jones
Operate my hip!

Have a great bank holiday weekend.

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