Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Hi Friends!
You can see a short slide show of some of our photos of San Miguel de Allende and the surrounding area so far, by typing in the search box of the blog, 'Picasaweb'. ...  Well, I hope you can cos it's taken me ages to upload them. ...
Janet & Rhys

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  1. Hi Janet - Haven't been able to access the slide show for some reason. Typing Picasaweb into the search box just brought up your blog with that title. Am I doing something wrong? Glad you've broken the news about your departure. How are you going to settle back into ordinary life in an ordinary house, though?? Don't like to think of Rhys up those ladders - I think that's beyond the call of duty myself!! I hope Larry knows how lucky he's been to have you as his house guests! xx